Wednesday, 2 February 2011

I have been getting die cut sign plates made from Hari Singh & Co. for a while now. Mr. Sukhwinder Singh (Hari's son) runs this business in the industrial area in Ludhiana. Along with number plates for vehicles, they also specialize in lazer cut vinyl signs for shop windows, hospitals, car windows, etc.


Sukhwinder was very kind to let me see the whole process of how they make these plates.
They are made of aluminium mirrored on either side with plastic in the centre. The very first step is choosing the base colour in radium vinyl and preparing these plates to be die cut.



The tools necessary for this are the plates, the vinyl stickers, a very sharp scalpel (or a surgical blade - this is what they use), a water spray gun and a small squeegee. 

Dayaram, who has been working here for a few years gave me a demonstration. Once the base is ready, the numbers or alphabets are embossed on the plates with die cut moulds. There are boxes of different font moulds, a negative and positive for each letter.

The machine used to emboss the letters.

The negative and positive parts of the mould.

Below is a video demonstrating how the die cut machine is used to emboss the plates.

The vinyl from the embossed letters is cut off to expose the silver (mirrored aluminium). This can be left as is or a different colour vinyl can be cut to go on top of the embossed surface.

Watch this space for more sign plates! 
You can get yours custom-made (text/colour/size), email me at for more information.

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