Sunday, 6 February 2011

Spotted these fantastically kitsch 'water tanks' on the roof of a dhaba (restaurant on the highway) between Ludhiana and Jalandhar in the summer of 2010. I loved them so much, I went back one morning at 6am to Phagwara to find some more. There was a dust storm that morning, which made it fairly difficult to photograph them but here they are. This will be an ongoing series and I hope to find all the footballs, eagles and Eiffel Towers in Ludhiana (to begin with).

(I especially like the Pehlwan with the tavees on his arm)

This is the first Air India plane I spotted (many others followed). Ironically, it was the day after the Air India Express plane from Dubai to Mangalore overshot the runway and crashed, resulting in 159 deaths.

 Air India at the Lally Farm Residence

This one also has the AI logo on it's tail. 

Watch this space for more interesting water tanks from Ludhiana!


Luisa said...

oh oh oh
the lion and the bird!!!!

(and all of them., really)

packard said...

all of them as luisa said : )

Amandeep M said...

A story you may be interested. the fear is that they may replace the eyesore with one of the towers you have photographed