Monday, 31 January 2011


I took some photos of hand-painted graphics on trucks, buses and autorickshaws when I was traveling around Rajasthan earlier this month. I love the bold type and the colours! This was taken on the NH8 (the National highway between Delhi and Jaipur)

1st row: From left to right - ratri mein dipper ka prayog kare (use dipper at night), dheere chal saathi, zindagi anmol hai (drive slowly my friend, life is precious), jagah milne par side di jayegi (when there is space, I will give way for you to overtake)

2nd row: maa ki mamta (mother's blessings)

3rd row: jiyo and jeene do (live and let live)

(I think this was supposed to be 'Fatta box' - where the extra 'fattas' or wooden planks used to load the truck are stored. Or, it could may as well BE the Fanta Box, where they store their refreshments for the road)

My all time favourite remains one I spotted behind an autorickshaw in Ludhiana. I don't understand Punjabi but was pleasantly surprised at what it said when my mum translated it for me.

On either side of the lady churning lassi, the text reads - 'hatt peeche, chapaed maroo'
which means - Keep your distance, Should I give you a slap? Charming!

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Chris said...

These are great, beautiful and vibrant and the comments are now working! :)