Saturday, 6 September 2008


A nuclear power station, two lighthouses, massive acoustic sound mirrors, random houses/vehicles/objects placed along the beach and plenty of shingle.
Dungeness is one of the most bizarre places I have ever been to.
It was, as I would imagine, the end of the world to be.

It wasn't the silence that terrified me, it was the subsequent lack of quiet

After a rather dodgy (yet helpful) map from the friendly man in the shop, we could see them, but couldn't find a way to get to them - The mighty sound mirrors.

In the end (with a little help from some locals) we managed to get as close as we possibly could.

It was almost a relief to not have a camera, because mostly I get so caught up in documenting the places I visit, I forget to really enjoy them. In this case, all I had was mama's 25 year old Yashica Electro. Despite having being taught how to use this (when I was 6 years old), of course I didn't have a clue. So, with a little help from Lewis, I managed to take some photos (few actually came out half decent, others not so good)

[word of advice - If you're heading to Dungeness, wear appropriate shoes to avoid tearing the pair you think might withstand the shingle. I've realized I have the worst possible judgement when it comes to deciding which shoes to where when. This has resulted in the binning of 2 pairs in the past 2 weeks.]

Monday, 14 July 2008

I walked all around London looking for Polaroid film.
Jessops (like many other places) is already OUT OF STOCK.
Looks like everyone is stocking up.
Why didn’t I think of this earlier?
[Ah, it is possible it’s because it’s so freaking expensive. It’s almost depressing]

Impulsively, I went into Boots and bought 3 twin packs,
(which the lady at the counter carefully took out from the special ‘locked’ cabinet)
To start with, I asked for 2 twin packs, but she managed to convince me to buy 3.
(good salesmanship, I’d say – I wonder if I could attempt to sell someone 2 blinds for the same window – just in case one breaks and the same wood is impossible to source because the tree is now extinct or something)

Anyway, I now have 80 exposures :D
(20 from the last time)
Not quite as impressive as all those people who are showing off their ‘stash’ on the Flickr group called ‘Polaroid stash’.
I can’t believe people have freezers full of Polaroid film.

How can Polaroid decide to stop producing the film if there’s still demand for it.
Surely, if there’s demand – there should be supply.
Isn’t that how the demand and supply chain works?
Fingers crossed that Fuji will take over.

ps - still mourning for the 1 Polaroid I sacrificed in the Ganges. It just slipped, and drowned - poor thing