Monday, 20 December 2010

My aunt who runs a boutique in Ludhiana took me to Anzaar bhai's workshop today where he's getting rid of his old embroidery machines, which are now replaced by computerized machines. As sad as I am to see this happening, I'm absolutely delighted at the prospect of buying one (of the 60 that he is hoping to shift) off him. I will be bringing it home on Thursday morning and employing my favourite embroidery man, Ahmed bhai for a few months to make up some cushions and napkins for me.

I have been preparing for this and therefore acquired some of the following tools! 

the masterji chalk - I remember going to the tailor with my mum when I was little and loving all the colourful chalks that he used  to mark the pattern on the fabric. This particular brand is called मोहिनी or 'mohini'. 

the master scissor - While my special 'master scissor' (no.10) is being custom made, I have borrowed one for the time being.

embroidery threads (various colours) - mostly Clock and More. the best place to buy in Ludhiana is Mohan (in model town) and Novelty (in bhai randhir singh nagar)

the embroidery scrissors - to finish the pieces and to use as a thread cutter.(nb: made in china)

the 'inchy tape' (tape measure) - only Jyoti tape measure!

darning needles 

on the 'to buy' list - wooden embroidery rings, fusing to put under the fabric, big spool of white cotton thread for the bobbin, tracing paper to transfer the design onto the fabric, neel to physically transfer the design from the 'khakha' (tracing paper design)

I decided to help Anzaar bhai recycle some of the hundreds of Clock and More boxes (emboridery thread boxes) he stores in his workshop. I'm sure he was more than glad to let a few go. These are now neatly piled up in my room. I think I will offer them as gift boxes (should anyone request gift packaging) when I start selling my cushion covers, tea towels and napkins!

 Clock and More are the most popular embroidery threads used in Punjab. these are silky 'resham' threads used to embroider fabric for suits and sarees. Others are Pari Chaap, Pearl and Telephone (from Delhi); and some local ones like Manish and Rose.

(nb: More is like 'Mor' = 'peacock')

I absolutely love the colourful boxes and logos.


Here is some of the packaging of the actual spools. Equally colourful and delightful!


karan said...

everything sounds so exciting n so interesting,kangan!all the best for your new business-may you rock forever!

mehak said...

Was fun reading ur blog kangan...u have another fan!

PaisleyPeople said...

:) and another!!! =D