Saturday, 18 December 2010

found some old photos and letters my mum had rescued from our old house before it was demolished. here are a few that I love. 

the postcard was written by daddy (my grandfather) to bua (my auntie) in 1958 when he was travelling, the letter was written by my great grand parents to mummy (my grandmother) after she married daddy and moved to India from Pakistan. 

the last few photos are of mummy's best friend, shanta aunty. i remember her fondly, she had the coolest spectacles.

I'm still scanning but was keen to share so there's more to come.


miriam said...

Love it, Kangan! The crying photo is SO beautiful - goes to show that a blank grinning face is not always the best portrait by far!

Kangan Arora said...

I agree Miriam! I love these old photos. I'm so happy I found them. Somehow it doesn't matter that I don't know who some of the people in these photos are.

The Curious Cat said...

Love these!!! Put a smile on my face! xxx