Saturday, 25 February 2012

Passing through Sirhind on the G.T. Road to Delhi, I came across dozens of workshops specialising in the construction of truck bodies and decorating them. Truck owners take great pride in their vehicles and some elaborate trucks take upto 6 months to complete. I was super excited when I was allowed to see some of the process and take photos!

The interiors of the truck are as beautiful, in fact more intricate than the outside most of the time. These are decorated with hand cut vinyl stickers along with beaten metal work.

These are some of the templates they use for the interiors. I love the red mirror (below) with its scalloped edges. 


There are plenty of shops selling colourful wheel caps for the tyres, cut out vinyl stickers and many other decorative accessories.

PS - Thank you Katie for a great Photoshop tutorial, and of course NellyNero for her fabulous easy to use PS actions.

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