Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dastkari Annual Fair

I was in Delhi for the Dastkari Craft Bazaar at Dilli Haat earlier this month and picked up some beautiful gifts. If you're in Delhi, I highly recommend a visit to Dilli Haat where hundreds of craftspeople from all over the country have set up stalls selling their state's craft specialities. It's a great day out for children and adults alike. Along with the craft stalls are demonstrations and workshops for all, as well as food stalls from every state. 

Here is a round up of some of the things I saw.

 Hand painted fans from Andhra Pradesh

A very sweet game of Ludo

 Beaded flowers

Basket making workshops by African artists  

 Felted woollen fabrics, made in Kashmir

 Everyone loves a bit of Candy floss!

 Colourful baskets from Andhra Pradesh

 Weaving demonstration


I particularly loved these hand painted papier-mâché birds from Orissa. 


Giulia said...

They look really beautiful, I love the bold colours!

Kangan Arora Design said...

Thanks Giulia! It's a fascinating place.

Designwali said...

wow...great shots.