Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Indian Book Depot (map house) now in Delhi's Sadar Bazaar, was established in 1936 in Lahore. They have been publishing children's books, and charts and maps for educational institutions for decades. I love the graphic quality of illustration and the kitsch colours. The IBD also have a facebook page and an album showcasing all 200 retro charts they have in print.

I remember being handed 'Houses of India' and 'People of India' in the Social Studies classes in primary school. I couldn't resist buying these Indian Rupee ₹charts when I spotted them in an old stationery shop. Below are the ones I picked up! 




The women on work, first aid (bandages) and wings of birds are my favourite!
There are also ones for Bad habits, moral stories and types of insects, animals, birds, flowers... the list is unending! 


Anonymous said...

i like the electrical appliances! marth xx

Sue Reno said...

These are wonderful, I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Thanks for sharing them.

gooseberry said...

absolutely the post...thanks for sharing:)

gooseberry said...

"love the post" is what i wanted to say:)

Kangan Arora said...

Thanks Sue, gooseberry and Marth!

Adam Bhala Lough said...

Terrific post. Thank you for sharing. I reblogged it here. http://adambhalalough.com/

Karan Chawla said...

Hi Kangan Arora,
Thanks for your appreciation, it was lovely reading a blog on our products.
for your information we have now produced more than 250 charts.

Keep blogging.

thanks and regards

Karan chawla
for indian book depot